It’s All About Me: Lauren Lee

At Isle of Palms with my family


Hey everyone! I will start off saying that I am a senior public relations student at Georgia Southern University and cannot wait to graduate in May and see what is in store for the next part of my life. I am interested in event planning but will be happy with almost any job offered to me once I graduate. I will be doing an internship this summer to complete my academics for GSU. 

When I am not busy with my 17 hours of classes I am either working downtown at a wedding invitation shop called Doodlebugs, hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, or working out. I also love to read, sew, and run in my spare time. 

This blog is going to be used for my practicum class as we learn different skills to better our job searching skills and future in public relations. I am not a professional yet but as the semester progresses my level of confidence for social networking and blogging will improve. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave questions, comments, or concerns! 

Psalm 121:8


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