Career Services is a Great Place to Begin

Throughout my four years at Georgia Southern University I have failed to take advantage of some of the extraordinary opportunities that this campus as to offer its students. For example, until my final semester at GSU I have neglected to go to the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement, I have not used the student writing center, and until recently I have not gone to Career Services.

I know now how resourceful and helpful each of these offices are to students. I regret that I have not used them previously. Had I done so,  I would have saved time, stopped headaches before they began, and lowered my stress level tremendously. Now that I think about it, I feel foolish for letting this time pass by without the help of the different services offered at Georgia Southern.

I used the GSU Career Services for two projects within the last few weeks. First, I submitted a copy of my resume to be critiqued. The Career Services worker was very helpful and gave me some awesome tips to strengthen my resume. In addition, she helped me prepare a cover letter. All of this was done via email; I did not even have to leave the comfort of my room to get their help. Without the assistance of Career Services I would not have a resume that I was confident to submit to employers.

The second project that I got assistance with from Career Services was the Myers Brigg Test. I took the test to see what kind of personality I have, who I work best with, and what occupations would best suit me. I found my results to read that I am an extrovert, judgmental, a feeler, and sensing. This did not strike me by surprise and I was pleased with  my results. On the list of occupations that I would most benefit from were jobs in the communications field which is fabulous being that I am a PR major graduating in less than a month.

I am appreciative of what Career Services had to offer, yet I am ashamed I did not utilize their services sooner. I encourage every student to see what is on campus to benefit students. I know I have found several to be very beneficial.


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  1. Do you think I should require a Career Services event for Intro to PR and/or PR Writing, too? I am considering adding those requirements in — so that students can learn more about what they have to offer before their senior years.

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