Interview with PR Pro Christie Richardson

Christie Richardson

Chrisite Richardson on the job


Christie Richardson is a Public Relations professional. Christie graduated from Georgia Southern University in December of 2008.  She currently plays an active role on the public relations team at the newest Chick-fil-a on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Christie is so thankful to be working with Chick-fil-a and loves her job.

Christie is an extravert; a people person who knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk. She does a great job communicating back and forth between the Saint Simon’s community and the Chick-fil-a team. She is very good at promoting Chick-fil-a to their target audience. Chick-fil-a benefits greatly from having Christie Richardson on their team due to her hard work and dedication to her job.

 I was fortunate to get a moment of Christie’s time and conduct an interview with her. We talked about her job, what she does in the PR field, and her time spent at Georgia Southern. The following are the responses from Christie to the questions that I asked:

  1. What is your typical day/week like?  Each day is planned out monthly; I have 2 events that are hosted weekly in the store, family night and a spirit night fundraiser. Out of the store activities are based on events hosted in the community, I take the cow out into community to invite people to dine with us. Making emotional connections with our customers is a big part of the Chick-fil-A culture so I spend a lot of my time talking.
  2. Tell me about one of the projects you are most proud of within your career.  Becoming a part of the Chick-fil-A grand opening marketing team is one of the things I am most proud of the project consists of traveling to Chick-fil-A’s that are opening and spending a week opening the store. We work 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. for 5 days straight having a successful smooth opening with all the events is what I am  proud of.
  3. 3.      What three tips would you have for someone who is trying to enter the PR field?     1. Volunteer as much as possible 2. Do more than one internship 3. Network
  4. How important is writing in your career?  Important, however I do not write a lot Chick-fil-A corporate has its own PR department so press releases are provide. My writing consists of weekly newsletters and emails to customers. 
  5. What do you do to keep current in the PR industry? (How do you keep up with others around you/what is going on within the job field)?  I mainly use the internet to keep up with current events, I also read the newspaper for opportunities in the community to be apart of.
  6. Did your education prepare you for your career? Communication classes really helped mold my skills of effectively communicating with others and understanding how decipher others communication skills.
  7. 7.      What has surprised you the most about working in PR?    Honestly, people have surprised me the most. I have learned the hard way not to be trusting.
  8. What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?  How hard it would be to find a PR job in a small town… most PR openings are in large cities
  9. How has PR changed since you entered the field? I entered the PR field only a year ago.

10.  How does technology affect your daily work? I would not be able to do my job if I did not have my computer and cell phone.

             The interview was brief but taught me a lot. I realize that I am going to have my work cut out for me and that there are things I need to go ahead and get started on such as internships which is currently taking place). I also need to focus on staying connected through different networking devices. I am anxious about what I can do in public relations. I believe that I would enjoy doing something similar to what Christie is currently doing. However, I would rather work with a company other than the one in the fast food industry. I am glad that I was able to hear what Christie had to say and am hopeful to have her success as I graduate in May.


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One response to “Interview with PR Pro Christie Richardson

  1. allykup123

    I really liked this interview! A lot of my family owns Chick-fil-a’s in Georgia and I have always thought of maybe pursuing a public relations career with them. I have heard that they are a great company to work for and that you really learn a lot! One of my cousins actually got to go live out in Newport Beach for a year when he was training to work his way up! St. Simons would be such an amazing place to be able to live and work! And to have a job that she loves so much. This was a really good post, thanks so much!

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