Internship Advice from Me to You

Internships are great ways to gain hands-on experience that will help set you apart from others in the fierce competition among the scarce jobs in this tough economy. If this statement worried you, you are not alone.

With today’s tough economy it is close to impossible to land your dream job, but a great start to on your journey to that dream job is completing an internship. An internship provides an opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in the classroom over the past several years. Interning allows you to use what you have learned to grow as a student, and work your way up the professional ladder.

With the competition being extremely high among soon-to-be college graduates, we need a way to gain experience, a way to set us apart from others, and the networking that comes with interning. Applying for an internship requires the same work as applying for a job. You must search for the “right” one; you need to do your homework and find out what you want to get out of the internship, browse online at who is in need of an intern, figure out if you can support yourself financially while working on a non-paid internship, and network.

Once you have completed the background research, you should submit a resume and cover letter, and select the appropriate references. Make sure you have references that will write positive things about you. Therefore, you need to get someone who knows you well, someone who can brag on your work ethic and accomplishments.

After applying to an internship, the anxiousness begins as you wait to hear back from the company you applied to work for. This is the hardest part for me. I do not like not knowing whether or not I got the job.

Some tips to keep in mind when applying for an internship:

  1. Do not stress out
  2. Stay Calm, breathe
  3. Make sure to pay attention to detail
  4. Do the background research to know which internships you like and which ones you will not like
  5. Treat this application process as you would a job application
  6. Be professional

These are some tips from me, a Georgia Southern Student looking for the perfect internship.

Emily Roper is also a student at GSU currently applying for internships. Her advice to students: “Remember that applying for an internship takes time; it is a process.  I know that it can be a long one, but it will be well worth it.”


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