Dress to Impress

If you are like me, you could spend hours in front of your closet sifting through the clothes hanging on those plastic hangers to figure out the perfect thing to wear. You try on outfit after outfit, staring in the mirror to make sure everything looks clean, sharp, and attractive. This post is meant to shorten your time in front of your closet, and more time in the hot seat of the interviewee’s chair.

 The wardrobe for an interview may seem pretty basic and mundane, but there are simple subtle ways to dress it up. However, there are some guidelines that should be followed. I know you do not like dress codes, and neither do I, but you can make these guiding principles fashionable.

 First things first:

  • The first impression is vital. You want to WOW your potential employer from the start. A great way to do this is walk in the room with confidence in the clothes that you are wearing (and of course you should be confident in your abilities to fulfill the job requirements).
  • Subtle colors are appropriate for both men and women. This includes your blacks, dark blues, and navy.
  • Stray away from wild prints. Plaids are ok as long as they are not too busy.
  • Men are required to wear a suit.
  • Women have the option of wearing either a pant suit or a skirt suit. Ladies, please make sure to keep the length of your skirt below the knee. Too much thigh action can make you look naïve (and kind of trashy).
  • Jewelry should be simple. There should be no over the top necklaces, watches, or earrings. You want to look professional with a little spice. If you have unusual piercings it is a good idea to take them out.
  • Women keep your makeup conservative. You are not going on a night on the town so keep it simple.
  • Women it’s all in the way you walk…in heels. You should wear closed-toe pumps with a low to moderate heel. Make sure you know how to manage walking in those contraptions. You will look foolish if you are stumbling on your way into the interview.
  • Men keep your facial hair well groomed. Please do not show up looking like the cavemen off of the Gieco Commercial.

Some Expectancies that I should not have to remind you:

  • Groom yourself well.
  • Look nice and tidy.
  • Iron your clothes and straighten your tie (men).
  • Women make sure your nails look clean. Touch up chipped polish or leave them bare. Men you should probably just leave yours bare and be sure to keep them short and clean.
  • Do not show up with missing buttons or holes in your clothes. This is not ok.
  • Tuck in your shirt.
  • Make sure you do not use too much cologne or perfume. A little dab will do.
  • Do not enter the room smelling like smoke.

These little guidelines should help you when it comes to getting prepared for how to dress for an interview. The follow links can also be beneficial:

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