Benefits and Downfalls of Social Media Devices

Social Media has its pros and cons just like everything else in the world. Sure you can interact with friends, add and look at photos, and chat with others, but all of this can come back and bite you in the butt. As we all know everything that has ever been on the internet can be traced and retrieved. The pictures of you at a Bid Day Party upside doing a keg stand can be found, explicit comments about your loss to your football team’s rival can be rediscovered, and posts to friends about their sorry exes can be seen again. This may sound harmless to some. The truth is, these can ruin your chances at landing your dream job if the potential employer finds them before you erase them.

Previous to college I was a member of the social media networks Facebook and Myspace. Now that I am in my last semester of college at Georgia Southern University, I am no longer a member of Myspace, but an active member of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Word Press.

  Throughout my past few semesters social networking has been a requirement which has opened my eyes to the many downfalls that they carry. When I thought about having to use social networking for a grade I was excited about how easy it would be to earn an “A” in my classes. However, after a few days of trying to keep up with the various social outlets my head was spinning, my eyes were hurting from staring at the computer screen, and I think I began to develop symptoms of carpal tunnel (ok, not really but you get the point).

 A downside to being involved in multiple networking devices is how time consuming they can become depending on your involvement. I don’t know about you, but I do not have the time to sit and check my email, my Facebook, my LinkedIn page, Twitter, my GAView, my Word Press, and other accounts on a daily basis like I should. This could mean that I am missing something important that someone is trying to tell me through these outlets. It could mean that I am missing a deadline or due date, or it could mean that I am wasting time online when there are more important things in the “real” world waiting for me.

 Although there are incredible benefits to social networking, I find more downfalls. I enjoy social networking for pleasure, not work. As much as I love to “stalk” people on Facebook, I would regret doing it for a living. I understand that there are a lot worse jobs out there (like cleaning the road kill on the side of the Interstate) but I would be willing to bet that networking all day everyday would be one of my least pleasurable jobs. As I end my last year at Georgia Southern, I will end some of my accounts to these social networking devices.

Here is a great link to review on tips to how to stay safe when using social networking: Safety Tips

This is a site to help you manage your social networking. It has been very beneficial to me :Social Media Management

This is a great blog to refer to. Mrs. Nixon is the Queen of Social Media and has taught me everything that I know : Queen Nixon


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