Tips to Help with Resumes and Cover Letters

As a senior in college I know the importance of a resume package, but do you? This blog will help you understand how vital it is to have a strong resume package and how it can help you land your dream job position.

For starters let’s focus on the cover letter. People often forget about the cover letter until the end and try to throw it together right before submission. These letters are very important as they are a way to communicate to the company/organization/business/etc that you are applying to. A few tips that I found from are very beneficial when comprising your cover letter. A brief summary of what can be found on this link is provided.

  • When writing your cover letter be sure to not get too wordy. Be direct and to the point.
  • The purpose is to communicate.
  • Don’t be afraid to use the word “I”
  • Don’t write in a passive tense, be active.
  • Remember the format should follow the standard business letter.
  • Open with a solid, strong sentence.
  • Be personal in your letter. It needs to be unique for you.
  • Make yourself look like you are the one that they need to hire.

Now that we have a few starter tips for our cover letters let’s turn our attention to the actual resume. Resumes are incredibly important to job hunters. This one sheet of paper can lead you to the job of your dreams or send you back to living with mom and dad. The detail and attention that a resume needs is immense; you should spend several hours working on it and it should be worked on continuously throughout a given time (not just in one sitting). Some tips that I have found come from, This link has a great video with a lot of help to those who need it but I will give a few tips that I found to be helpful.

  • Include education, work experience, and the special skills you have. These should be placed in order according to your strength. For example if you have not had much experience you would not put work experience first.
  • Make sure that your education helps you. If you have a 2.3 you do not need to be specific about your grade point average. I have learned that if it is lower than a 3.0 you do not need to mention your GPA.
  • You should include the school you attended (or are currently attending) as well as the projected year of graduation, your major/minor, and your year in school.
  • If you are a second-year student or above there is no need to include high school information.
  • With your work experience you want to include what you did on your job site, how long you were there, the job title you held, and obviously the name of the store/business/organization you worked in.
  • Be sure to include the various skills you have acquired. You want the person reading your resume the skills that you can bring to the job. These skills should be specific to the job you are applying for.
  • Also, add some activities that you are involved in. This could be intramural sports teams, the debate team, PRSSA, a church group, etc. this adds a few interesting facts in there about you for the interviewer.

I hope that these help you in the process of writing your cover letters and resumes. I know that this can be a scary part of life but with these tips things should run much smoother and put you one step closer to achieving your dream job.



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