Framing can be a Real Problem

Framing is a selective process that the media uses to shape a story into how they want you to see it. This takes place on an everyday occurrence but are you really catching on?

It was not until I took this international public relations course that I fully understood what framing is and how it is used to get the public’s attention to focus on a story and see it in the light that they want it to be seen.

Take for example the popular reality TV show “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. This show ended in a nasty, public divorce where each side tried to frame the story to best represent them. Kate was shown as heartbroken and depressed where Jon was out partying with young women and back in the dating scene. Each of the parent’s publicist shed stories to make their client look like the innocent one in this nasty battle.

Framing takes place in all aspects of life. The government uses framing for political candidates, new policies, and countless other issues. We are so used to this method that we do not even realize that it is taking place.

America is not the only country that faces framing; it is used internationally. It can be used to “clean up” issues to get the popular opinion of the public.

Fox News is another prime example. Fox uses framing to get their target audience to view the political issues the way they do.

There is no getting around framing but you have to be smart enough to catch it. There are always two sides to every story and you are the judge of what you believe. Do not let the media tell you what is right or wrong; make your own decision.


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One response to “Framing can be a Real Problem

  1. Andrews

    I hope more people take your advice and make their own decision regarding some of the recent drama in the news.

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