Agenda Setting in the Media

With the increase in coverage over the health care policies and the uproar of the Swine Flu it is hard to turn on the television, read a paper, or surf the internet without being bombarded with information dealing with these two topics.

 The health care policies and Swine Flu are two hot topics in today’s news and have set the media agenda to discuss the issues. People are worried about catching H1N1 and there is a great deal of debate about how the health care system should run and what Obama should do regarding this issue.

Another issue that is covering all of the different media is the economic status of the United States. The recession and everything that has come along with it has been publicized day in and day out for the past year.

Honestly I am so sick of hearing about these three topics that I do not even pay attention to the news anymore. What is going on in the United States with these three news stories is not all that is taken place but we would not know any different due to the mass coverage.


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  1. Andrews

    And yet many individuals believe this is first time we’ve had to deal with this specific issue.

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