Diversity on Georgia Southern’s Campus

Georgia Southern University is located in Statesboro, a small, South Georgia town. The Statesboro community is home to 67,000 residents and is continually growing. I would not be bold enough to say that it is a diverse town; however it is true that the Georgia Southern campus can be considered diverse.

Georgia Southern is comprised of over 17,000 students.  There are students attending this university from 48 different states and territories and 86 nations. I think that the representation of a diverse group is evident but could be stronger.

I do not feel that Georgia Southern is as inviting to foreign students as they should be. I understand that it is hard to recruit students from different countries to attend this university but I feel a stronger effort could be made. It is important for students to understand diverse cultures and the cultures of students that live all over the world.

There are different organizations on campus geared towards diversity but they are not as large nor are they as impactful as they should be. I am a senior at Georgia Southern and prior to taking an international studies course I was unaware of the different groups that are accessible to students. I know that if I were attending college in another country I would want to have a greater welcoming and a greater feeling of acceptance upon my arrival and stay at the college. I feel bad for the students from the 86 different nations and would like them to feel more “at home” while they advance their studies at Georgia Southern. I am not trying to put down what is offered at Georgia Southern but I do feel that a better attempt at bringing in more diversity and accepting the diversity should happen.



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  1. Andrews

    I think many of your classmates feel the same way.

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