Guest Speaker Alan Freitag Speaks to GSU Students

On Thursday, October 29, Alan Freitag came to speak to Georgia Southern University students interested in public relations. Alan teaches at the University of North Carolina Charlotte and works at the Center of Global Information. He spoke to students about the importance of public relations in all areas of life.

Alan told the twenty-five students who attended the speech, “public relations prepares you to go in many directions.” He then added that the public relations program at Georgia Southern will help direct their professional lives because it is a “top tier program.”

Alan talked briefly on how communication is an essential tool for every human endeavor and that as PR practitioners it is imperative to learn various ways to communicate appropriately in order to be successful. He said that having knowledge of the new technology can help some to communicate effectively. However, he added that technology is not the cure to miscommunication.

Alan then spent an extended amount of time on talking about leadership skills. He told the students that leadership is, “not authority but responsibility,” and that PR practitioners have a code of ethics that must be followed.

“Public relations is not the problem; it is the solution,” said Alan. In order for this statement to be true Alan informed the attendants that they would need the skills and principles to make “ethical, honest decisions,” and that the importance of relationships is vital.

After his brief presentation students were encouraged to ask Alan questions which he was more than happy to answer.

I am glad that I attended this guest speaker for several reasons. First, I learned a lot about public relations and its major role in society. Secondly, I learned that communicating is not the most important it is being a leader and having close and trusting relationships with those you do business with. Thirdly, I learned a lot about Alan Freitag and his character. He was a great speaker and a truly caring individual. If we all leave Georgia Southern taking his advice then public relations can make the world a better place like Alan taught us.


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  1. Andrews

    Happy you were able to attend his presentation. I wish more could have heard him speak that night as he made many valid points.

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