Turkey’s Cant Fly?

In class yesterday, we watch a clip of an old television show called “WKRP in Cincinnati.” The show is older than most of the students in the class however it kept everyone entertained. Not only was the clip humorous, it was also very informative. In fact, I learned more from the clip shown in class yesterday than I have learned in any of the other classes. Maybe it was the light humor that or the fact I was able to watch it instead of just listening to what they had to say like a podcast. Whatever the case, I learned a lot.

 Some of the important facts I pulled from the clip are as follows:

  • Team work is essential in Public Relations. Everyone needs to be on the same page.
  • Make sure you have permission from the appropriate people before you take any action.
  • Understand that there needs to be some background research done before you take further action.
  • Try to consider everything that could possibly go wrong with your campaign before you start it. If it helps, do a trial run and practice what will be said and how things will come about.
  • Most importantly–Turkeys cannot fly!!

The show taught me a good bit about PR and was certainly a pleasure to watch.  If you would like to get a few chuckles in today, watch the video. You are sure to crack a smile.



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