Public Professionals Visit Intro to Public Relations Class

            In our Intro to Public Relations class, two former Georgia Southern University public relation students were welcomed by approximately eighty current PR students.

            Lauren Crawford and Jeremy Estroff were introduced to Barbara Nixon’s Intro to Public Relations class by Allie Burrows.  The two PR professionals gave a brief description of themselves and jumped into the world of PR as they know it.

            Jeremy majored in public relations and received a minor in graphics. Lauren was also a public relations major. They spoke highly of their years at Georgia Southern and said that the classes they took really helped prepare them for what is needed to make it in the PR world.

            The two talked back and forth to the class about press releases and press kits. In addition they gave tips to students on how to get noticed and how to apply for an internship or job.

             Jeremy said that it is really important to put yourself out there. It is always nice to have a job, but have one that will look good on our resume and that will help you with a job in the PR field. For example, he said that he had a job working in an ice cream store but did not add that to his resume. Instead, he took a portfolio of his work and talked about the several internships he had. He was very clear that doing free lance work is helpful and will be beneficial once you land the job.

            Lauren agreed that internships are imperative. She said that someone who has had several internships is more likely to get the job.

            Both Lauren and Jeremy are now working with the public relations firm in Atlanta known as Three. Their work is well-known and has earned them much respect in the PR world. A few of the companies they have helped promote are Caribiner International, Coke, and Mercedes.

            The two brought samples of their work to show to students and answered any questions that they may have. They did a great job and are representing Georgia Southern very well. Their presentation was greatly appreciated.


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