Dealing with a Crisis

“A crisis is a non-routine event that risks undesired visibilities that in turn threatens significant reputational damage.”

There are four types of crises:

  1. Meteor- Not planned)
  2. Predator
  3. Breakdown- (We’re seeing thousands of these right now)
  4. Lingering- (Something that just doesn’t go away)

Sparks of a Crisis:

  • Environmental (Fire, flood, hurricane, etc)  
  • Technological (Computer crashes)
  • Terroristic ( September 11 attacks)
  • Criminal misconduct
  • Managerial (Rape, sexual assault)
  • Accidental (Truly an accident)

Benefits of Planning for a crisis:

  • Reduce stress
  • Demonstrates goodwill
  • Flow of information
  • Involves stakeholders
  • Business Continuity

*You should be the first and best source of information!

Crisis Comm Kits are very important to have. By having these you will be able to relieve some stress and will be better prepared in times of crisis.

Seven must have elements in your crisis comm kit:

  1. A list of the members of the crisis management team
  2. Contact information for key officers, spokespeople and crisis management team
  3. Fact sheets on the computer, each division each location, and product offered
  4. Profiles and biographies for each key manager in your company
  5. Copies of your company, division and production logos, your press release format and the scanned in signatures of your CEO on a disk
  6. Pre-written scripts answering questions that you have generated through our crisis scenario analysis

**This is information that was learned in Barbara Nixon’s Intro to PR class and chapter ten out of the Public Relations Strategies and Tactics Ninth Edition book.


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