Things I didn’t Previously Know About the Eagle Print Shop

The Eagle Print Shop is located on the Georgia Southern University campus. On Wednesday, April 1, 2009 Barbara Nixon’s Publications class took a tour of the shop. I am going to inform you on some of my favorite things that I learned from my tour at the print shop. Here is there link for you to learn additional information.
At the print shop, the tour guide took us behind the scenes to show us where everything is printed. These are a few things she taught us:

  • The Eagle Print Shop is Eco-friendly and uses recyled paper and recylcels the paper they do not need instead of throwing it away.
  • The cost of printing projects for class at The Eagle Print Shop is much cheaper (in cost, not quality) than having projects printed in other print shops. A brochure I had printed cost me less than $0.75.
  • The Eagle Print Shop is able to print on all types of paper and various sizes (even poster size paper).
  • To make your visit quick, work with the assistants by having everything saved on a flash drive as a PDF file.
  • It is not a bad idea to have your work saved in other ways. For example email, a CD, hard drive, etc in case their computers are not able to pull up your PDF file (although this should not be a problem).
  • Also, if you are graduating from Georgia Southern University, The Eagle Print Shop may be able to interest you in graduation invitations. They are sold at a reasonable price and are an attractive way to invite friends and family to your commencement ceremony.

These are just a few things I picked up along the tour. If you are interested in learning more the site shown above is very helpful!


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