My First PodCast Experience

Last week in class we were asked to listen to a podcast by our professor. Professor Nixon allowed us to choose which hour long podcast we would like to listen to. I chose Managing the Gray by C.C. Chapman. I am not a big fan of listening to podcasts. It was hard for me to sit still long enough to hear what Chapman had to say; my attention span is not long to begin with but having to sit and listen was rough. I would rather have a teacher in front of me to look at and watch but I understand that podcasts are a great way to learn for some people. I guess it shows how technologically challenged I am. I was able to catch a few key points and maybe I will be able to go back through and listen to it again to gain some more information (hopefully an extra hour will pop up sometime in my busy schedule). I learned that it is really important to gain attention from the public. You really want to put yourself out there and be well represented. With the attention you gain, you gain more participants and viewers and are able to put yourself out there more. Also, people need to feel comfortable and connected. We can all relate to this. We work better in a comfortable environment and no I do not mean by sitting in a lazy chair. But by being comfortable in the work you do there is a sense of connection and with that people are more willing to take part in the campaign, activity, etc and engage in conversation about it and help spread the word. I learned that the key point is to get out there and spread the word through different means. You can use word of mouth, flyer’s, brochures, etc but never forget the impact of social networking devices and their benefits.


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