Seth Godwin’s “Tribes”

The mini clip we were asked to watch by Professor Nixon in our Public Relation 2330 class was not only informative but rather interesting. The following is what I learned from watching the brief clip.

The main focus is: brand management is no longer effective. Today’s time is very competitive. Therefore, we must let the consumer hear what they want. If we don’t, someone else (our competitors) will.

I gathered three important concepts in result of watching “Tribes.” We as PR people must keep in mind

1. With or without Public Relation firms or practitioners, tribes will arise and

continue to perform.

2. Stick with what you are good at doing and perfect it. Emphasize your strengths.

3. Be loyal to your clients and customers. They will appreciate what you do for

them and will be more likely to come back to you.

It is important to stand your ground, but even more important to give the people (clients and customers) what they want and need. Be sure to be true to yourself while keeping your tribe happy!

Here is a link to Seth Godwin’s website. It is very informative and you are sure to take some valuable information with you after viewing his site.


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