Class Notes Chapter 3

The following information stems from class notes given by Professor Barbara Nixon and from the book Public Relations Strategies and Tactics Ninth Edition.

We talked about ethics and what it means to be ethial. Some of the bullet points below better explain this topic.

  • Ethics means to do what is right, to have morals, and a value system that helps a person determine whether something is right or wrong.
  • Ethics is very important in day to day work with professionals and individuals.
  • Ethical decisions for individual practice must satisfy:
    • Respect, integrity and position of opponents
    • Develop trust
    • Balance loyalty
    • Be honest
    • Be prepared to sacrifice security for standards
  • Ethical decisions for professionals must satisfy:
    • Pubic interest
    • Their employer
    • Their professional organization code of ethics
    • Own personal values
  • There are three ethical orientations which include:
    • Absolutist
    • Existentialist
    • Situationalist

Something that will help you determine whether or not a situation is ethical is something we have all been taught since we were young children. Treating others by the simple concept of the Golden Rule is a great way to help make the decision of whether or not one is being treated ethically.


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