Chapter 7 Reading Notes

Communication is a very important ingredient in public relations.

Communication should be:

·         Appropriate

·         Meaningful

·         Memorable

·         Understandable

·         Believable

There needs to be an objective:

·         Message Exposure

·         Spread message to others

·         You want the message to be accepted

·         Change attitude after hearing your message

·         Change their behavior after hearing your message


There are two types of audiences:

Passive: most likely don’t do much with what they are learning.

Active: interested in what you are talking about.

Communication is the third step in the public relations process. In order for communication to work you must really try to become involved and interact because the message is not only being sent, it is also being received. Also, be sure to pay attention to the message. People listen in different ways so try to communicate the message in a way they will understand so the communication is successful.  It is very important to make sure the message is remembered. In order to do this convey the message through several different ways, in a variety of channels.


**These are all things that I learned by reading Chapter 7 of the Public Relations Strategies and Tactics Ninth Edition book and by going to Barbara Nixon’s Intro to PR class.


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