Chapter 5

Publications is a process


A– Action


E– Evaluation


The first process in public relations is research. Research is a requirement in order to be successful. Good research starts off by asking yourself a few questions to help get started.

The following are questions that are a good idea to ask before getting started on your research:

·         What is the problem?

·         What kind of information is needed?

·         How will the results of the research be used?

·         How much will it cost?

·         How soon are the results needed?

Research is used for many reasons. Without it, the public relations prcoess is not complete.

Research is used to:

·         Achieve credibility

·         Help formulate strategy

·         Help keep in touc

·         Sway public opinion


There are two types of research: primary and secondary.

  • Primary research is research that is done by the individual him/herself. It is new and original information designed to answer a specific question.
  • Secondary research is research that uses existing information in books, magazines, electronic databases, etc.

There is also qualitative research which helps gain insight into how individuals behave, think, and make decisions.

In addition to qualitative research, there is quantitative research that is a kind of research that demands scientific rigor and proper sampling procedures. 


**This information came from the Public Relations Strategies and Tactics ninth Edition book and from Barbara Nixon’s lecture.


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