Ten Tips for an Interview

1. Look presentable- be well groomed, hair out of face, clean, clothes should be ironed, etc.

2. Women should wear pants suits or a skirt suit. Make sure the skirt is not too short and you look professional. Closed toe shoes are best to wear. Men should wear a suit.

3. Have good posture. Sit up nice and tall. Women cross your ankles, men keep both feet planted on the floor with your knees pointing right over your toes.

4. Stand up when anyone else walks into the room.

5. Be prepared for different types of interviews.

6. Ask questions that you have. For example: How did you get started in this field?

7. Make eye contact and be sure to pay attention and not drift off to another place.

8. Shake hands with everyone you are introduced to.

9. Make sure to catch everyone’s name and if you do not know how to spell it ask so you can send them all a thank you letter as soon as you can. Also, shoot them an email ASAP so they remember you and are reminded of your interview.

10. Before leaving, ask them when you will hear from them again.

These are just a few tips that will help you during an interview. They are just a few pointers from me and things we discussed in my intro to Public Relations class. Most importantly, you should relax and be yourself. The interviewer understand that the interview is very important to you and that you may be nervous so there is no need to constantly say how nervous and anxious you are. Also, give the company/organization time to overlook your interview. It takes time to evaluate people so be patient during your wait to hear back from them.


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