Notes from Feb. 2, 2009

In class Monday, February 2, we broke up into groups and disgussed Chapter 2. These are the main points from 6 different eras that we came up with:

The Early Beginnings– The Boston Tea Party used PR. Common Sense was written by Thomas Paine, and the use of the    word “propaganda” began.

Press Agentry and Hype- PR was used to attract tourist, Tom Thumb was publicized to attract more people to the circus by Phineas T. Barnum (the greatest American showman of the 19th century) and PR helped populate Western U.S.

PR Pioneers-Bernays was father of modern PR, Moss Hendricks was first African-American in PR, Ivy Lee was the first to use press releases and Theodore Rosevelt was first to use news confrence.

PR Comes of Age-PR will be fastest growing job from 2004-2014, 40% growth, increase in non-profit and public interest groups, and after WWII there was a rapid growth in PR.

Evolving Practice– women become much more involved in PR, social networking (Youtube, Facebook, etc), growth of economy, interest and world wide web became more affordable and easier to use, and mass media became more one-on-one.

Next 50 years-realize PR people need to be more honest to the public, cater more to multi-cultural societies ad older people, social media, PR must constantly update itself due to technologies.

These are just a few of the important facts we talked about in class. It was interesting actually learning about PR in class. I really enjoyed it and the last couple of eras really helped me see where PR can go.


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