My Life with Twitter for a Week

Twitter is a social networking tool that is very beneficial to many of its users. However, Twitter and I did not seem to get along too well. I can see the advantages of Twitter: a nice way to keep in touch with old friends, a way to make new ones, a network that allows people to enjoy one another’s likes and interest…the list can go on. I on the other hand found some disadvantages to Twitter.

I am not a huge fan of the computer; I use it to type papers, check Facebook, and shop around some, but I really don’t use it that much. I am not one to sit on the computer all day refreshing the page to see if anyone’s status has changed or if I’ve received a new email message. With Twitter I felt that I had to constantly sit and push those little arrows at the top of the page to see what was going on. It was way too fast for me and I did not like the way it was set up. I feel like there could be a couple of changes made, or rather a few tweaks here and there.

I feel that Twitter and its people are definitely on top of things but it just isn’t for me. I will probably only use this social device for this class and at the end of the semester delete my account. I appreciate the help in trying to make me look more professional, but let’s be honest, my page is not in the least a professional one with my updated statuses of where I was headed and the mood I was in. I admit that had I put forth more of an effort to use Twitter I would have reaped more benefits. All I really learned from using Twitter for a week is that I am no a big fan.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about our One Week of Twitter assignment.

    I’m wondering if your thoughts about Twitter would be any different if its prompting question was instead “What has captured your attention?” rather than “What are you doing?”

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